Benefits of Resoling Climbing Shoes

How many times have you retired a favorite pair of climbing shoes due to wearing a hole through the rubber? This happens all the time due to a shortage of information out there for new climbers. 

Environmental Impact: 

As climbers we pride ourselves on being environmentally responsible. There are many ways of doing this--crag cleanups, packing out all garbage at climbing destinations / hiking trails, reusable water bottles, recycling, composting, and much more. All of this makes not only the places we visit to climb nicer for future trips, but ensures that these spots don't turn into garbage pits. 

So, why not reduce your personal waste when it comes to climbing shoes? Everyone at some point will ware through their climbing shoes. Instead of throwing your shoes away, you should reach out to your nearest climbing shoe resole shop and send them your shoes, so that they can repair them. With a little rubber and glue, your favorite shoes are good as new. 

Economical Savings:

As the technology in climbing shoes improves, shoes are only getting more expensive. Climbing shoes can cost anywhere from $100-$200. These prices are understandable due to the innovations shoe manufactures are making every year.

The average climbing shoe resole can cost anywhere from $40-$60. This is a fraction of the price that new shoes cost, which means you can save yourself a whole lot of money and maybe spend the savings on more climbing gear.


When getting your shoes resoled, you have many choices when it comes to what rubber you can put on your shoes. The climbing shoe companies supply resole shops with sheets of rubber. As a customer of one of these resole shops, you can try out rubber from other climbing companies. For example, if someone has a La Sportiva or Scarpa climbing shoe that uses Vibram rubber, and they get their shoe resoled, they can then have the option of trying out a different type of rubber like the 5.10 stealth rubber. This can make your favorite climbing shoes more personalized and possibly even more enjoyable.

Final thoughts:

Everyone should think about resoling their climbing shoes. There are many perks to doing this, such as reducing consumers environmental impact, saving a boat load of cash, and offering a unique customization opportunity. I hope that this post inspires you reach out to your nearest climbing shoe resole shop, so they can help rescue your favorite pair of climbing shoes.


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