The People Behind the Brand

Daveed Masvalo (Co-Founder /CFO)

Daveed is a professional soft goods product designer / maker. He has worked for Mad Rock as cobbler and has years of resole experience under his belt. He is the leading force behind Vanderwall Climbing's flagship crashpad the Equalizer. With 6 years+ of climbing experience he has a unique insight on what climbers need and want in their gear. 

Dylan Williams (Co-Founder / COO)

This is Vanderwall Climbing Swiss army knife. With over 10 years of climbing experience, 8 of those years coaching and working in climbing gyms, Dylan brings heaps of climbing knowledge to our team. He is the brain behind the CNC operation and production line, which include machining the Road Soda travel hangboard.

Tanner Williams (Co-Founder / CEO)

The man behind the brand. Tanner started this company by hand making hangboards in the backyard wood-shop, now Vanderwall HQ, for friends and family. Tanner is the lead product designer, marketing guy, and handles all of the logistics for Vanderwall Climbing. Tanner has been Climbing for 6+ years and knows what he likes and why.

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