Climbing Shoe Repair

 Local Dropbox Instructions:

  1. Grab A Sheet of Drop Box Number Stickers
  2. Rubberband Shoes Together
  3. Place A Sticker On your Pair of shoes ( Sticker number will be used as identification on our paperless system)
  4. Drop Shoes Into the Box
  5. Fill out our electronic shoe repair form on our website  (
  6. We Will Send a Repair Invoice to You Via Email
  7. When Your Shoes Are Complete We Will Send You the Weekly Pick Up Lock Combination
  8. Pick Up Your Shoes and Enjoy Being Able to Climb In Your Favorite Shoes Again !


Dropbox Number Sticker Instructions:

Top Sticker ( Keep For Online Repair Form )

Second Sticker (Place on First Pair of Shoes)

Example (Place on Second Pair)

Example (Place on Third Pair)



Shipping Shoes to us?:

  1. Fill out our Electronic Repair Agreement Form: Here
  2. Send the picture and description of what you would like done to our Email :
  3. We will email you back with a quote for the repair
  4. Ship the climbing shoes to Vanderwall Headquarters: 1818 Gum St, San Mateo, CA 94402


Rates: Climbing Shoe Resole

1/2 Resole (per pair) $40-50 (Depending on rubber choice)

Rand Repair (per shoe)

Approach shoes/ Boot Resole (per pair) $65


Rand Repair:

In order to replace the rand a 1/2 resole is also necessary due to how rock climbing shoes are constructed. Rand is fixed onto the shoe first and then the sole of a shoe is attached over the rand. Because of this, we will not know if we need to do a rand repair until the sole has been removed. If the rand is almost worn through we will contact you and get approval for replacing. Replacing the worn rand is a must to prolong the life of the resole. We will never unnecessarily replace the rand.


Rubber Options:

(CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK - estimated to be back by Jan 2021) 5.10 C4 Rubber: "Tried and true C4 allows climbers to stick to barely there edges, lock into smears on microscopic nubbins, and cruise up technical terrain with unparalleled confidence in their footwork."

Advantages: Edging - Excellent interlock -Vibration damping - Hard friction 

Butora NEO Fuse:

  • Similar to C4 Stealth Rubber
  • Butora’s stickiest rubber offering. NEO Fuse is best suited to smearing, edging, and “smedging.” NEO Fuse excels In both indoor and outdoor climbing.


Benefit: The perfect all around climbing shoe rubber. If you are accustom to C4 Stealth Rubber this would be a great alternative. We highly recommend this rubber.

Vibram XS Grip 2: 

  • Competition climbing rubber
  • Superior pure grip
  • Best for overhanging routes

Benefit: Pure friction. Best for grip on snowpack. Shock absorbing and vibration damping

Vibram XS Edge:

  • Precision grip
  • Optimal firmness for ultimate edging
  • Best for extreme multi pitches

Benefit: Grip, edging and durability. Best for indoor/outdoor free climbing and bouldering

Gear Repair:

Do you have any broken gear and have no way of fixing it? Don't worry Vanderwall Climbing has you covered. We have the ability to repair Backpacks, Crashpads, Zippers, Velcro, Rivet Snaps, shoes and boots.


Rates: Soft Goods Repair

Small Repairs 


Medium Repairs $15-25
Large Repairs $20+